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Price Lists Features

Find out how you can easily set up complex pricing policies using Backstore.

Wholesale and retail price lists

Use default pricing as a simple solution or create multiple wholesale and retail price lists (suitable for larger companies).


You can easily recalculate margin with every purchase and make adjustments in pricing if needed.

Multi currency

Set prices in multiple currencies and Backstore will apply the correct price on quotes and invoices.

One-time discounts

Create one-time discounts for specific product or entire category. Set beginning and the end of discount period.

Special customer discounts

Set up different pricing policy for your loyal customers and let Backstore apply correct prices on quotes and invoices.

Purchase price lists

Speed up recording of purchase orders by creating purchase price lists.

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Multiple price lists in 
different currencies

Create multiple price lists by product categories and currencies. Set price changes in advance and let Backstore apply the correct price on invoices and quotes.

Reward loyalty

Group your customers and set up special price lists. Quickly create one-time sales with starting and ending dates.


Know the real time margin

Always be well informed about wholesale and retail margin when setting prices and discounts.

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